What we do

We act by the desire to promote good interactions, indispensable ingredients for collective life. In life, in general, and specifically in hospitals, schools and other social organizations, by volunteering, education, health and art.


Invite, prepare and support people for activities that improve the coexistence, through Art, Education, Communication and Volunteering.


With restlessness, enthusiasm and commitment to doing well, be inspiration in the management of social activities.


Transparency, Unconditional Respect, Enthusiasm, Uneasiness, Cooperation, Social Protagonism, Caprice and Relaxation.


Canto Cidadão began its activities in the second half of 2001, but became officially a non-profit nongovernmental organization on July 19, 2002.

It all began with the meeting between Felipe Mello and Roberto Ravagnani, through lectures on citizenship, production / presentation of radio programs and visits of clowns to public and philanthropic hospitals.

With the approach of more interested people, the socio-cultural and socio-educational programs were widening, reaching more partner organizations and their publics.

The organization

The greatest desire is to improve the practices of an inspired, organized and competent volunteer.

For this, several adjustments have been made: new process of entry of volunteers; initial and ongoing preparation revised and extended; strengthening the day-to-day management of voluntary groups; generation of indicators shared with all stakeholders; more internal / external communication and creation of a recognition program.

Who we are

The current mandate (effective until 2020) has as its directors * Felipe Mello and Ubiratan Mendonça Júnior.

Under the Statute of the organization, it is incumbent upon the Board of Executive Officers: to prepare and submit to the General Assembly the organization’s annual programming proposal; execute the organization’s annual activity schedule; prepare and present to the General Assembly the annual report; meet with public and private institutions for mutual collaboration in activities of common interest; hiring and firing employees; regulate the Normative Orders of the General Assembly and issue Executive Orders to discipline the internal functioning of the organization.

* At the beginning of 2018, Roberto Ravagnani retired from his activities on the board of the organization.

The current mandate (current until 2020) has as advisers Carmen Morales Moquiuti, Célio Soledade Romano, Cícero Ricardo Gomes de Miranda, Gomér Gonzaga, Larissa Maçães Cordeiro, Raul Ranauro Javales Junior and Sérgio Vaisman.

Under the Statute of the organization, it is incumbent upon the Fiscal Council: to examine the organization’s books of account; give an opinion on the balance sheets and reports on financial and accounting performance and on the equity transactions carried out, issuing opinions to the higher organisms of the organization (Law 9.790 / 99, item III of article 4); request, at any time, supporting documentation of the economic-financial operations carried out by the organization; to convene the General Assembly extraordinarily;

The Fiscal Council shall meet ordinarily every six (6) months and, extraordinarily, whenever necessary.

People of various ages and backgrounds who come to Canto Cidadão to perform volunteer work in hospitals, schools and other places after preparation.

Organizations that receive sociocultural activities of Canto Cidadão. We highlight the public and philanthropic hospitals, which receive the activities of clowning, theater, music and playfulness in toy libraries; as well as public schools and social organizations from which children come to watch theater at our headquarters, as well as receive our free itinerant shows.

Financial results